how Cycling Societies works

This page is a summarisation on how Cycling Societies works. You can also see the single blog posts on this topic.

Goals of this project are

  • to gather, process, and distribute information on cycling, esp. for urban everyday life, i.e. cycling to kindergarten, to school, to work, to shopping,
  • to connect different cycling societies around the world,
  • to learn from others and contribute own experiences, as well as
  • to support cycling activists/advocates and their local/regional cycling society.

Web profiles besides this blog are on

Author – so far – is

The rules are as follows:

  • the homepage cycling-society.net will show an overview about what there is to discover,
  • each cycling society will be approachable via a sub-domain such as ruhr.cycling-society.net,
  • a sub-domain can also serve as a category in this blog, if someone blogs about a particular cycling society,
  • further categories will have their own sub-domain, e.g. fashion.cycling-society.net, or cargo-bikes.cycling-society.net, and
  • this blog (blog.cycling-society.net) will be run by those who are interested in constructing the Cycling Societies project, and it will contain ideas, concepts, stories, best practice examples, and so on.


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