about Cycling Societies

how Cycling Societies works (II)

I already set some rules before, and told you how we got here. Let’s get more into detail now.

So far, there is just me and some ideas in my head. I hope there are some cycling citizens around the world who want to contribute to this project (if so, just write me an e-mail). But instead of waiting I should get going.

These days I am reading so many websites, blogs, lists, facebook pages, tweets. I just wonder if they have been there for years, or do they just keep popping up all over the place. Anyhow, I want to run a clearing house, so what I am going to install next are categories – comparable to shelves in a warehouse. As soon as the domain administration is up and running there will be a sub-domain for each and every category so you can easily access your favourite side(s) of this story, e.g. fashion.cycling-society.net, or cargo-bikes.cycling-society.net.

Categories are being displayed on the blog’s homepage. So far there are just two categories:  about Cycling Societies, and VeloCityRuhr (the cycling society I am member of). The next ones probably will be on cargo-bikes, and cycling to school.

By the way, content of each post of this series will always be added to the sum page “how Cycling Societies works“.



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