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listing Critical Mass, Cycle Chic, and Cycling Blogs

This one is not as promised about cycling to school, or cargo bikes, but on critical mass rides, cycle chic cities, and cycling blogs. On twitter I set up some lists to sort the tweeters by region or topic. While doing so I also browsed some of the linked websites and realized that others have … Continue reading

how Cycling Societies works (II)

I already set some rules before, and told you how we got here. Let’s get more into detail now. So far, there is just me and some ideas in my head. I hope there are some cycling citizens around the world who want to contribute to this project (if so, just write me an e-mail). But instead … Continue reading

how we got here: VeloCityRuhr, Line for Life, and Cycling Societies

I contacted some people in Bangladesh, Denmark, England, Germany, and the USA inviting them to become part of the Cycling Societies project. So let’s see what will happen. Meanwhile I put some more thoughts into it. You might wonder who I am and why I do this. So here’s a little history: As a research … Continue reading