about Cycling Societies

how Cycling Societies works (I)

Actually, this is just a brief suggestion. How we will run the whole show will depend on the best ideas. My thoughts so far are as follows:

  • the homepage cycling-society.net will show an overview about what there is to discover,
  • this blog (blog.cycling-society.net) will be run by me and those of you who are interested in constructing the cycling societies project, and it will contain ideas, concepts, stories and stuff,
  • pages or profiles on facebook, twitter and so on will provide gateways to the online communities on cycling, and
  • each cycling society will be approachable via a sub-domain such as ruhr.cycling-society.net, while the name of the sub-domain can also serve as a category in this blog.

I think this is enough to begin with. So let’s start looking for existing cycling societies and individuals who want to create one …



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